Online Art Event themed on Kolkata Cityscapes


Art theme

  • Kolkata its rich heritage, its beautiful buildings, and places that define its character

  • No restriction about media (pencil/charcoal, water colour, oil, acryclic, pastel, digital art etc..)

How to Participate:

  1. Please submit a good quality scanned copy of the art to: (Submission format: .jpeg/.png/.pdf/.tiff)

  2. Please provide the following information in the email body

    1. Name of student

    2. Class information

    3. Contact email (if it is different from submission email)

Submission Deadline 

 15th July 2021

 Event Rules

  • Only Patha Bhavan, Kolkata students in classes V-XII are eligible to participate

  • Three participant categories a) Class V-VII b) Class VIII - X c) Class XI-XII 

  • There can be only one submission per student

  • Submissions with incomplete information will not be considered for the the competition

  • Winners for the competition will be announced by the middle of August.

  • The best 5 arts chosen by the judges in each category will be showcased and the students will be felicitated in an online event organized by SMMF

Participant Consent

  • With any submission you agree to allow Subhro Mitra Memorial Foundation  (SMMF) to showcase the artwork in the Subhro Mitra Memorial Foundation (SMMF) Webpage or the SMMF Facebook page.

  • With any submission you also agree to allow  SMMF to use the artwork for any future marketing inititative.