Given the desperate times in the country, SMMF is raising money to procure and donate industrial-level oxygen concentrators to institutions that can help those with scant resources and have the greatest need. We know that this will be but a drop in the crisis that faces our country. However, we also feel that even a small impact will be a beneficial and much-needed one.



With the funds raised thus far, SMMF partnered with the Rotary Club of Kolkata - Urbana for their "Keep breathing" initiative by donating an Oxygen Concentrator. This Oxygen Concentrator can be used by anyone in need within the city limits of Kolkata. 

Call to Action


Please help us to be of use in this crisis and every bit counts to fight this existential battle.

You can make a difference by :    

a) Donating to the SMMF fund.  

b) Connecting us to any contacts that you may have in procuring the concentrators

c) Connecting us to medical institutions that serve those with scant resources who are in the direst need of help;

d) Spreading the word about our efforts.

If you have any questions/suggestions please contact us at